Q. My treadmill display stays on after removing the safety key.

A. Your treadmill is in Demo Mode. Follow these steps to remove it from Demo Mode.
  1. Remove the safety key from the console.
  2. Press and hold the "STOP" button while inserting the safety key.
  3. Release the "STOP" button. You should now be in a user information mode. If not, repeat steps 1-3.
  4. If Demo Mode is active, a "d" will appear on the display. 
  5. To toggle Demo Mode on/off, press the "SPEED -" button. 
  6. You may also want to verify that the treadmill is using your desired units of measurement - English ("E") or Metric ("M"). To toggle between the two, press the "SPEED +" button.
The above steps work for most models to the following brands: NordicTrack, Pro-Form, HealthRider, Reebok, Gold's Gym, Image, Epic, Weslo, Weider.

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