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Our Mission

1. Be the best. Since 2010, our goal is to provide our customers with services that are of higher quality than their exercise equipment manufacturer's. We have a greater education and more experience than many of the manufacturers' technicians. Since there is no middleman, our prices are often less than the manufacturer's.

2. Be courteous and polite. We appreciate every opportunity we have to get our customers back up and running. You will never see us in a bad mood or hear us complain. We will wipe our feet at the front door and leave our workspace clean.

3. Be honest and professional. We will explain to you the exact issue(s) with your exercise equipment. Should we encounter any additional repairs to your exercise equipment that will cost extra, we will discuss it with you first.

4. Be punctual. We will schedule an exact appointment time. There is no waiting around from 9am-5pm that you get with other companies. If we are more than 20 minutes late due to unforeseen circumstances, we will call to inform you.

5. Be local. As we are locally owned and operated, we take great pride in contributing to our community. We have been in many quaint neighborhoods, met many wonderful people and we hope to serve you next.

To request service on your exercise equipment please fill out the Service Request Form or contact us at 484-483-FIX8 (3498) or

We look forward to hearing from you.

-TreadmillFixation, LLC